Mr. Teng Ching Ching passed away in 2001 and thereafter Mr. David Teng was the successor and became the Managing Director of the company.

Since then, Mr. David Teng has dynamically transformed the company and set higher standards in all business activities encompassing company policy, safety, quality, work procedures, facilities and manpower discipline, skill development and recognition.

By 2004, in term of designing, Hoe Heng had achieved a credible level and standard. At this point, Hoe Heng was able to provide customized design to customers. Its name was then appropriately changed from Hoe Heng Foundry to Hoe Heng Engineering Sdn Bhd.

Sadly, during this time, Mr Chua Boon Leong passed away and his son Mr Chua Chin Giap took over his position and responsible as the Executive Director of this company. Mr Chua is very supportive on all the company transformation and plays an active role in making it a success, Together with Mr Chua, the second generation also mark the joining of Mr Khor Chee Seong.