Our People

Hoe Heng always believes that the most valuable asset to the company is human capital. Hoe Heng continuously emphasize on human development in all aspect with series of training and coaching programs.

Hoe Heng not only provides jobs to its staffs but provide a career where everyone has opportunity to demonstrate and realize their potential. With continual skill development programs, Hoe Heng recognizes its staffs equally not just based on seniority but on the discipline, performance and contribution.

In line with the mission to be the employer of choice, Hoe Heng provides a conducive working environment where all staffs are equipped properly for the job, workshop are equipped safely with suitable facilities and staff activities are supported by the management.

Hoe Heng respect and appreciates the staff with high spirit of loyalty. There are quite a numbers of senior staffs with high experiences and skills staffs still contributes and supporting the company. These are our heroes and have sacrifices more than half of their life with Hoe Heng.

Anak Hoe Heng